Caroline & Paul - Love at first sight in Pornic

Time does things magnificently well. After 7 years of absence in their respective lives, Caroline and Paul find themselves again in Pornic, where their love story was created. . 

Caroline and Paul got married in August 2022. During their first romantic trip, Paul decided to propose to Caroline on the beautiful island of Sicily. A wonderful moment that the two lovers will never forget. Caroline couldn't believe it, it took her a few minutes to realize that the man she loved had just proposed to her.  

Following this request, Caroline launched herself into all the preparations so that 12 months later, her wedding was ready to be celebrated. 

Caroline, a young woman who became a bride  

Caroline's dress was just sumptuous! A mermaid dress made entirely of lacewith a beautiful veil hung on her shoulders by a magnificent flower.  

For Caroline, as for many brides-to-be, the choice of the dress is a decisive moment in a woman's life.. This stage of the preparations is always delicate, many emotions interfere, it is your own moment.  
We can say that she was beautiful and refined right down to her ears. For her wedding we made the Raffiné earrings : two gold chains with a natural freshwater pearl on each end.  
With her beautiful wavy brown hair, the earrings could only be highlighted.  
As for Paul, he made his entire suit at Atelier Coqlico: white and midnight blue with a pretty colored bow tie and personalized embroidery.  

The married couple complemented each other perfectly.

Their white wedding

The couple chose a wonderful place to gather their loved ones and celebrate their love together:  The Domaine de Pinelais, a magnificent building not far from Pornic, their beloved town.
For her theme, Caroline wanted something simple, in agreement with her dress. At the beginning, she went for "chic and country", then as time went by, the theme became “minimalist”. 
This allowed her to keep an open mind on her decoration while keeping the simplicity she wanted: white flowers accompanied by greenery, a pure and personalized decoration by the two brides from the menu to the rosé and beer bottles for the guests. She put up a wedding that suits her, in the image of her couple. Her tables were impressively elegant:  
  • Bouquets of white roses and assorted foliage
  • Candlestick made from a glass bottle with large white candles
  • A personalized menu on their wooden base
  • And a napkin ring made of string with a small card with the bride and groom's image

For the cake, Caroline remained true to herself: a splendid tiered cake in shades of gray to white with the same decorative foliage as her tables. All in the finesse.  
Caroline even gives us atip for your future wedding preparations :  mariage : “"don't rush or impose the dress code from the beginning. That leaves room for last minute changes."”
Congratulations to the two lovers, and may the road to unconditional love only begin !  

Wedding planer : Wedding by Marine