The Wedding Check list : bridal bag essentials for your big day

The mind of a bride-to-be is in constant turmoil, torn between all kinds of wedding choices and preparations. But once the big day comes, there's one overriding question: what shall I put in my bridal bag (or my maid of honor's).
To help you to live fully your special day, and make sure you don't forget anything important for your wedding, we've put together a special bridal purse list for you! !
Print out our wedding checklist and keep it with you at all times!

Wedding ceremony essentials


Wedding planning

You've loved planning and organizing your wedding, and you want to keep an eye on the good sequence of events? Then keep a detailed schedule of your day with you! It will help you avoid making mistakes about the times of the ceremony, the photoshoot, dinner reception, etc…

Your ID

You obviously need it for a wedding at the town hall, take your identity papers with you to the ceremony!

A pen

To sign the famous papers! You shouldn't need it, but you never know, it's a big day and you want everything to be perfect! Don't hesitate to bring along a personalized pen with your initials, for a personal touch to keep as a souvenir.

Copy of your vows  

Take a copy of your vows and acceptance speeches with you, to make sure you don't lose your words when the time comes!

A lucky charm

You might want to consider taking a small sentimental or religious object with you, one that you'd like to have by your side as you walk down the aisle under the bemused and benevolent gazes of your guests on this long-awaited day.

Beauty essentials to take with you in your bridal bag


A hairbrush

Very useful for keeping your hair impeccably styled, whatever the circumstances. Hugs from your loved ones? No problem. Throwing rice? Indulge yourself. A little wind? Don't worry! A bun is fine for a ceremony, but if you want to party the night away, let your hair down!
We've selected this customizable wooden hairbrush  from a little French brand just for you!

Hair clips and bobby pins

In the same theme, it's time to think about little touch-ups. With bobby pins, you can catch any flyaways that escape from your bridal hairstyle.
During the run-up to the big day, our La mariée hair clip will help you keep your hair up as you put on your wedding dress, and as your make-up artist puts your hair in place.
Planning to wear your hair down? It's perfect for tying it up at the end of the dance.

Lip balm

A must-have accessory for perfectly moisturized lips all year round, lip balm becomes your ally for the long-awaited moment of the newlyweds’ kiss. .
Don't have one yet? We've created a pretty, compact Atelier Lilac lip balm for you to slip into your bag.

A nail file

Perfect right down to the tips of your nails. The nail file is perfect for touching up your manicure, you never know…


Don't forget to take your lipstick or lip gloss with you for touch-ups. Mattifying powder will also be your best ally if you want your dress to shine and not your skin…

Mirror, mirror

Yes, you're the most beautiful of them all! Use it for small checks and discreet touch-ups.

Mini perfume

To make sure your hair, your veil and simply yourself smell sweet when you're dancing on the dance floor or chatting with your guests.

Mint candies

No bad smells at your wedding, little mint candies will help keep your breath fresh all day long.  


If you're getting married on a sunny day, carrying sunglasses in your bag can be a useful little accessory to make the most of the beautiful weather without squinting. It's time to add a touch of fashion to your outfit!

A list of essential products to create a wedding first-aid kit



Weddings are full of emotion, laughter and tears. So to wipe away all those happy tears and avoid damaging your make-up, remember to slip a pack of tissues into your bridal bag...
Find out more about our personalized pack of tissues to dry your tears!

A sweet snack

Between the stress of the preparations, the adrenalin of the big day, the mix of emotions and the demands of your guests, a little sweet snack,such as cupcakes or chocolate, , could come in handy in case of a bout of sluggishness or hypoglycemia.


We all know how uncomfortable it can be to walk in heels all day. So to prevent blisters, put a few plasters into your wedding bag! (Or keep a pair of flats around, at hand...).

Deodorant wipes

On such a unique day, you don't want to think about anything other than love and this union with your other half... And above all, you want to avoid the stress of a potential sweaty smell! Slipping small wipes into the bag will take this off your head.

Some medication

A migraine, stomach ache or any other pain you might feel during your wedding day could spoil your day. A few painkillers in the bottom of your bag will ensure you a more serene day.  

Our wedding survival kit

To make things easier for you, we've created the Wedding Survival Kit. It contains a hair accessory, a box of bandaids, a pack of tissues, lip balm, a hairbrush, a mirror and a pack of personalized cookies made by Shanty.
All the wedding survival essentials in one lively kit !
Now you're ready to enjoy your special day to its fullest, with no worries or hassles. And if you don't yet have a bag for the big day, check out our collection of bridal bags and clutches. Find small, medium or large bridal clutches, to be worn with or without shoulder straps, in different shapes and styles to match your bridal theme and outfit. 
Print out our wedding checklist and keep it with you at all times!

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