Lucie and Antoine: A Rustic-Chic Wedding

deux mariés dans la voiture de leur mariage pour se rendre à la réception en noir et blanc
We dive today into the wedding of Lucie and Antoine, our Lilac Lovers.

It's April 29, 2023, at the Château de Losmonerie in Aixe-sur-Vienne, where these two passionate souls said 'I do' for life.

The unexpected encounter of the couple

An unexpected encounter led to an unconditional love story, beginning in October 2020.

Antoine and Lucie were introduced by Antoine's sister, Camille, as they both worked together. During a sports outing, the two singles hit it off and kept in touch after the event.

As a true gentleman, Antoine prepared a candlelit dinner for Lucie at his home during the post-lockdown period. The rest, as they say, is history—Lucie fell for his charm, and she never left Antoine's side. She even brought along her feline companion!

Antoine proposes marriage

The first days of August 2022 marked an unforgettable moment in their relationship. While enjoying a vacation in La Réunion, Antoine selected an idyllic beach to propose to Lucie.

The setting was perfect, with the setting sun bathing the beach in golden light. It was there that Antoine made his proposal, and, of course, Lucie said yes! The two lovers celebrated their engagement, watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean. A magical and unforgettable moment for both of them.
femme portant des bijoux de mariage qui enlace la tête de son mari en robe de mariage

Our dear Lucie's bridal looks

Let's delve into the look of our lovely bride, Lucie, who delicately chose two distinct ensembles, suited for each stage of their marital union.

For their civil ceremony, she wore a sumptuous white jumpsuit. Her bodice, tailored just for her, featured graceful straps, while an elegant cape-style top with exquisite transparency, designed by Mary Mariées, added the perfect finishing touch to her attire. This creation, both classic and contemporary, instantly captivated us with its beauty and refinement.
To complete the look, Lucie carefully selected her bridal accessories from our workshop. She chose our delicate Sublime dangle earrings crafted with natural cultured pearls, along with our Liliana choker necklace to match. These elegant and refined jewelry pieces added an extra touch of grace to her bridal look, enhancing it even further.

This set of jewelry featuring natural pearls, offering a range of pearls in various sizes, forms the perfect accessory ensemble to enhance a bridal outfit marked by elegance, simplicity, and delicacy.

These precious bridal jewels are meticulously crafted using delicate transparent thread, adorned with a careful selection of natural pearls in different sizes. These freshwater pearls add a touch of sophistication and modernity.
The dangle earrings are crafted with drop-shaped gold-filled studs. From this base, three transparent threads hang adorned with magnificent pearls. The pearls used in the creation of the jewelry are natural freshwater pearls.

The choker necklace consists of 5 natural pearls, ranging from a central pearl of regular size to smaller pearls on its two ends. It is a simple yet instantly modern and delicate piece for the bride's neckline.
Lucie had a few kind words to say about wedding jewelry:
My 3 girl witnesses gave them to me! With my two outfits it was perfect, elegant, simple, chic, everything I love. I wanted pearls, but not something too classic and "old-fashioned". I found the jewelry so modern and in tune with the times! I'm still wearing them! 
For the church ceremony, Lucie chose a truly magnificent princess gown in a captivating white. The off-shoulder neckline and perfect volume highlighted the bride for this unforgettable day. This wonderful creation also comes from Mary Mariées.

She chose to keep her choker necklace and dangle earrings with natural pearls, carefully selected for her first outfit. These accessories blend perfectly with her bare-shoulder neckline, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to her look.
un homme et une femme portant des bijoux en perles naturelles entrain de s'enlacer le jour de leur mariage

The bride's magnificent bouquet

A charming surprise awaited our beloved bride: Lucie had expressed her desire to adorn her bouquet with peonies, although the florist explained that it would be a challenge given the season. However, early on the morning of the wedding, her brother-in-law took charge of the bouquet, and to Lucie's great joy, he brought along a delightful surprise: the much-desired peonies! This adorable gesture filled her with happiness, and we can only warmly congratulate the florist for this magical touch.

The final bouquet turned out to be an exquisite masterpiece, infused with romance, elegantly combining white peonies with eucalyptus, roses, and baby's breath.
femme le jour de son mariage portant son bouquet de jeune mariée

The husband's suit, Antoine

For the groom's look, he selected a timeless navy blue three-piece suit paired with a sublime bow tie matching his jacket. As a nod to the theme, he chose to wear flowers in the pocket square of his blazer. The groom's fashion challenge was successfully met with flying colors.
mari et ses témoins le jour du mariage habillé en costard

The reception venue, in the colors of their region

The couple didn't want to wait until 2024 to get married, so they searched for an available venue for 2023. They chose the Château de Losmonerie, which they were already familiar with, and a date was available on April 29. Although they had a moment of doubt about their ability to organize their wedding in just 8 months, they decided to take on the challenge without a wedding planner, relying solely on the help of their loved ones. And everything went smoothly!

The newlyweds decided to make their entrance in a vintage car: a 2CV! Their arrival was adorned with small hearts, the detail that makes all the difference.
arrivé des mariés sur le lieu de la cérémonie
As for the decoration, the couple chose the Rustic theme.

For the cocktail reception, guests could gather around white high tables adorned with sublime bouquets in terracotta-colored vases on each one. The dominance of wood and flowers gave the rustic touch to their cocktail reception while maintaining the simple and elegant style of Lucie. 

A small buffet was available for guests, prepared by the manager of the restaurant “Chez Ginette” in Limoges and a friend of the couple!
lieu de réception avec les invités d'un mariage
For the decoration of the reception hall, it was in complete harmony with that of the cocktail reception! White, flowers, and a lot of love. 

Beautiful glassware was positioned on each table, accompanied by napkin bows and floral centerpieces. All the floral decoration was done by Antoine's mother, who is a former florist. She crafted all the bouquets and floral arrangements for the decoration, with the help of the newlyweds.

Our favorite from her decor: the painted terracotta plates with "Love"!
lieu de réception pour un mariage champêtre avec des tables et chaises en bois
We want to congratulate the lovely couple on their splendid wedding! We also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our bride, Lilac Lucie, who elegantly wore our Sublime earrings and Niege necklace. She is a beautiful young bride who shared the most beautiful moments of her wedding with great enthusiasm for our workshop <3.

The journey of unconditional love is only just beginning! 

deux amoureux le jour de leur mariage se tenant la tête
Les prestataires :

Lieu de reception : château de Losmonerie
Photographe : Chloë Fidanzi (@clubcoeur.photovideo
Coiffeuse : Salon de coiffure Les indécises (@les_indecises_)
Le traiteur : Restaurant « Chez Ginette » à Limoges. 
Fleuriste du bouquet : chez Corolle (@corolle_fleurs_limoges)
Bijoux : Atelier Lilac
Tenues de la mariée : Mary mariées à Limoges 

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