About us

We are two creative sisters who put our passion at the service of future brides. Since very young, the creation of handmade accessories has been our vocation. What started with making barrettes for our hair has sparked the interest of many women looking for the perfect hair accessory for their wedding. This is how we discovered the world of marriage, its sensitivity, its delicacy, its romanticism, its magic… It was love at first sight.

Couple de mariés de dos dans un jardin, homme avec un costume bleu foncé et femme avec une robe blanche à décolleté de dos, bouquet de fleur rose et blanc et peigne à cheveux avec des pièces rondes arrondies blanches


Our greatest inspiration is Love, with a capital A. This powerful force that binds two souls, and the happiness that this feeling brings. Nothing makes us happier than to participate in the moment when this beautiful feeling is lived with the most intensity, marriage.

We also obviously draw our inspiration from women. It is by rubbing shoulders with our friends, our mothers but above all by seeing the result on you, our clients, your beauty, elegance, allure on your wedding day that we continue to create our accessories and bridal jewelry.

Photographer: Claudia Cervantes.

Our mission

We are determined to make our brides feel sublime. Our mission is to offer a range of accessories that perfectly compliments their day outfit. We want our customers to find the accessory of their dreams among our creations, and if this is not the case, we design and manufacture it especially for them.

Mariée sur la place du Louvre à Paris entrain d'être préparé pour le shooting par les deux créatrice lors du backstage du shooting de la collection 2023

The drawing

The first step is the design of the jewel. This is the most creative step in the creative process. We draw our inspiration from colours, landscapes, flowers, trends… And we put all our ideas down on paper.

Design back and forth

Then we create the jewel. We try, we start over, we modify, we test. This is a step that takes time because we are always looking for the perfect jewel that will make you dream...

Validation and selection of jewelry

When the prototypes are made, it's time to make our choice! We present all our creations to our team and we all choose the best ones together!

The production

Let's go for the production! Because each of our jewelry is handmade, it's time to roll up our sleeves! Our little hands create each of your jewels in our small Toulouse workshop.

The rest of the story you write

The rest of the story is up to you. Our jewels are sent to you all over the world. Because you are the ones who bring our jewelry to life. thanks <3

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