The 2022 collection in rio de janeiro

Our new collection was born in the swell or the humidity of the maritime morning dew. This year we were inspired by the immensity of the sea, the lush tropical flora and natural materials, these pearls and crystals that Mother Nature gives us. The sea offering us its iridescent pearls with enchanting reflections and the mountains forming these crystals with blue reliefs which bring this sparkling and mysterious touch.

Mariée de dos sur la plage avec un peigne fait de 7 disques en nacre

Our inspirations

Mother-of-pearl, quartz or even aquamarine are therefore in the spotlight in this new collection which includes two lines. You will thus find this predominance of natural materials declined in a modern and raw line, with baroque pearls, with geometric shapes, sometimes irregular and abstract and another romantic, floral and classic line, on the one hand sparkling with natural stones, or iridescent with mother-of-pearl or pearls. Creations that can be combined as finery to dress up your civil wedding outfit or your religious wedding just as well.

For 4 months, our little hands worked discreetly on the 2022 collection, in our Toulouse Atelier...

An exceptional decor

We flew to Rio de Janeiro for the photoshoot of this 2022 collection. Rio and its endless beaches bounded by its majestic mountains rising from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Rio and these tunes of samba and bossa-nova that resonates at every street corner, giving a festive and romantic atmosphere at the same time, Rio and its carioca fashion, its Brazilian bohemian chic style, with their long loose dresses with floral and summery motifs accompanied by delightful jewelry from local craftsmen... a perfect place to immortalize this new collection and bring this little bit of sunshine and joie de vivre back to the workshop.

Paysage Rio de Janeiro
Mariée entrain de se faire coiffer et préparer par une maquilleuse et les deux créatrices sur la plage

The lilac team in action

After months of creation, imagination and design, in January we were flying to Rio de Janeiro! After spending a few days there to finalize the organization of the shoot, the big day has arrived. We were then a team of 10 people working on this project: a model, a make-up hairdresser, a shooting assistant, a photographer and a videographer as well as their respective assistants and three members of the Lilac team. We started the day at dawn so we could capture the soft sunrise light over Ipanema Beach. We then went to a sublime traditional house in the Leblon district to create two different atmospheres in our photos. After a busy day, we gave the end clap around 5 p.m., proud to finally be able to present our creations to you.

The collection

To the beach

our favorites

The perola set

Our sublime Perola set seduces with its beads with irregular surfaces and shapes. These magnificent jewels with baroque pearls will delight your outfit and make it unique and elegant. Perola, is a refined and elegant necklace adorned with a circular connector with zirconiums. Our associated earrings harmoniously complete this necklace by presenting beautiful pear-shaped baroque pearls. Finally, to totally harmonize this jewelry set, our Perola bracelet will elegantly dress your wrist.

The Duna set

This magnificent set of fine and delicate jewelry is all made with natural cultured pearls. It seduces with its delicacy and elegance. Our Duna back necklace drops a beautiful pear-shaped baroque pearl accompanied by a small round zircon on the back and a small pearl on the front. The earrings are decorated with two pearls of different sizes for a harmonious and unique effect. These jewels are available in gold, silver and rose gold.

The collection

Garden side

our favorites

The livia set

Our beautiful Livia set is a set of refined jewelry with romantic, floral and bohemian charm. These pieces are made from mother-of-pearl flowers and natural cultured pearls. A sublime back necklace made with beaded chains seduces with its simplicity and romanticism. Our Livia earrings seduce with the beauty of mother-of-pearl roses and genuine pearls. Our Larissa earrings are made with two beautiful white mother-of-pearl flowers. Their particularity comes from their pusher adorned with a third flower. Goddess, a pretty bracelet of natural cultured pearls is the jewel that will harmoniously complete this wedding adornment. To accessorize your bridal hair discover our Livia hair sticks. A set of delicate and romantic floral arrangements for a bohemian and feminine hairstyle.

The Vitoria set

Vitoria, a wedding jewelry set with classic and elegant charm. Romantic crystals and connectors make these jewels unique. We offer long and short Vitoria earrings, beautiful elaborate and delicate creations. A beautiful T-back necklace and matching bracelet to complete your outfit. Variations are offered: jewels made with transparent crystal connectors or turquoise-colored crystals. A magnificent comb adorned with crystals and beautiful flowers and leaves is proposed to embellish and magnify your bridal hairstyle

behind the scenes

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