The 2023 collection in Paris

Ô Paris, our beautiful city of love… It is in its unique romantic setting, full of charm and history that we bring you our new collection. It is inspired by this world capital of art and romanticism, by its Haussmannian architecture alongside vintage art deco that we created the 2023 collection. Jewels with an aged look, flowers, stones and pearls symbolize perfect and pure beauty make up this 2023 collection.

Our inspirations

This collection, very strongly inspired by the Roaring Twenties, comes as every year in two lines: minimalist and romantic.
Our accessories are made of noble and elegant materials such as natural pearls , seed beads and natural quartz stones , for a minimalist and elegant style. You will also find jewelry with vintage and aged aspects for a very romantic and baroque side. Bridal accessories that will perfectly enhance your civil wedding or religious wedding outfits.

An exceptional decor

It was on the famous Place du Louvre that the first photo session of the 2023 collection was held, under its arcades and in the middle of a romantic setting with breathtaking architecture, surrounded by French women with a chic and elegant... to then finish on the magnificent Alexandre III bridge to end this extraordinary morning of shooting. Paris, the ideal place to celebrate love through our jewelry.

The lilac team in action

After months of imagination, creation, design and some last minute setbacks that slowed down the organization of the photoshoot, we are ready! It is towards Paris, landmark of love, that we have chosen to present our new creations.
After this intense morning of racing against the clock of events, we wanted to thank our warm shooting team: model Melissa Dallaf, sparkling makeup artist-wedding hairdresser Laure Baruch , wedding photographer Pascal Vo and his sharp eye and videographer Gaetan from The Guerin films . We would also like to thank the creators of the sublime dresses Avina , Yasmin Hassaine and Atelier Emelia who married beautifully with our new collection of accessories!

The collection


our favorites

The Pensées set

Our sublime Pensées set delights with the beauty of its pearls and the finesse of its small balls. These beautiful jewels with natural pearls will illuminate your outfit and make it minimalist and romantic. Pensées, is a refined and elegant necklace thanks to the gold chain and its pearl on the front. Our associated earrings harmoniously complete this back necklace. Finally, to totally harmonize this jewelry set, our Pensées bracelet will elegantly dress your wrist.

The Coquelicot set

This magnificent set of fine and delicate jewelry is all made with natural cultured pearls. It seduces with its delicacy and elegance. Our Poppy back necklace drops a natural pearl tassel and a small gold bead on the front. The earrings are adorned with a natural pearl for a harmonious and unique effect. These jewels are available in gold and silver.

The collection


our favorites

The Jasmin set

Our beautiful Jasmin set is a romantic, floral and bohemian jewelry set. These pieces are made from golden flowers and Swarovski crystals. A sublime back necklace made with gold chains that delights with its simplicity and romanticism. Our Jasmin earrings seduce with the beauty of roses and real crystals. Goddess, a pretty bracelet of natural cultured pearls is the jewel that will harmoniously complete this wedding adornment. To accessorize your bridal hair discover our Jasmin hair comb. A set of delicate and romantic floral arrangements for a bohemian and feminine hairstyle.

Our favorite couple

camélia & zinnia

Our gorgeous crowned Camellia was designed to adorn a romantic, floral and bohemian style bridal hairstyle. This wreath was made with gold metallic flowers and leaves. Each little flower has been assembled with delicacy and love to give shape to a harmonious and delicate floral arrangement. And Ziannia brings it an elegant and refined touch. They are made from bases adorned with round crystals. Two 24k gold leaves and a small unique baroque pearl hang from the bases to obtain a thoughtful and feminine earrings.

behind the scenes

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