This winter, use the stars to create a beautiful bridal hairstyle!

Winter is a magical season that deserves its own hairstyle and accessories. We're thinking in particular of stars. These shapes symbolize the mystery of the universe, the sky and the night. Stars are mystical shapes that guide us through the darkness. And who isn't mesmerized by their beauty and perfection? 
For a very long time, we've been shaping and adding creations to the collection we've named Constellation. These are unique pieces inspired by the stars. Starry crowns, combs adorned with stars and moons, and astral-looking picks make up this charming collection.
Our gothic-style head jewels adorned with silver stars are perfect if you want to add a little bohemian flair to your hairstyle. We also offer a beautiful hair vine, Eblouissante. It's ideal for adorning a magnificent bohemian chignon, but can also be worn on loose, wavy hair.
Our comb set DreamerThis set of 5 star wedding combs is perfect for adding a celestial touch to any hairstyle. Whether you wear your hair loose or tied up, these combs, placed side by side or separately, will sublimate your bridal hairstyle. Our hair pick Valeureuse or our wedding comb Étoilée shave star-themed hair jewelry. You can integrate them into your hairstyle to add a discreet and ravishing "celestial" touch.
With the intention of offering hair accessories in a more glamour-chic spirit, we've added pieces full of sparkle and shine to our collection. These hair jewels seduce with their crystals and shiny materials. If you want to create a refined, glamorous wedding hairstyle in keeping with the celestial wedding theme, you can accessorize it with gold stars.

The stars are a never-ending source of inspiration. Accessorizing a bridal hairstyle with a small celestial comb is ideal. Choose pieces set with zircons or crystals to add sparkle to your hairstyle.
Vou can also choose to wear a star crown on loose hair. We advise you to lightly wave your hair to bring a slight touch of contrast with the shape of the stars. Astral-looking crowns are very much in vogue. They can adorn a hairstyle on loose, semi-loose or tied-up hair. The choice is yours. Choose a model that appeals to you. We're particularly fond of crowns combining stars of different shapes and sizes. 

For a very discreet touch that still makes an impact, we recommend opting for a hair pick. Celestial picks are perfect for universe, star or constellation-themed weddings. We love them when they're composed of 5-pointed stars and adorned with crystals. What's more, the 5 points of a star symbolize balance and perfection. That's all we can hope for in a union, isn't it?
Let the magic of winter and the stars inspire you to create the most sublime bridal hairstyle. As well as being fascinating, the stars and moon are ultra-romantic. In poetry and art, they are a reminder of femininity at its most beautiful and sensual. Select jewelry with irresistible celestial charm to make your wedding outfit admirably beautiful. Your constellation-themed wedding ceremony will be remembered forever.
Compose your own constellation by combining different jewels and accessories. Throughout the ceremony, your radiant beauty will be beautifully enhanced by all these enchanting, astral-looking accessories. Your lover will have stars in his or her eyes.

If you've chosen a star theme for your wedding, these gorgeous bridal photos will help you make the right choice. Celestial weddings are at the heart of the trend.
The photos are the proof. Celestial weddings are the stuff of dreams. They transport you and your guests into a magical, fairytale world.

Find the celestial jewelry that's right for you.