Our new Lilac bride: the union of Fanny & Jérémy

les mariées dans un champs de vignoble pour les photos de leur mariage en mai 2023
Today, we're infiltrating the wedding of Fanny and Jérémy. At the reunion of their love, they reveal their most beautiful side.

And their meeting is not new. Fanny and Jérémy met through a mutual friend at university. One day Jérémy was invited to a party and it was love at first sight as soon as he walked in. 

Fanny and Jérémy got married May 19 and 20

May 19 at Contes for their civil ceremony followed by a convivial moment with their guests, and on May 20 in Draguignan at Château Saint-Esprit for both the ceremony and the reception. 

No particular theme… Ie let their personalities shine through in their decorations and custom-made outfits.

The preparations

la mariée entrain de se faire maquiller pour la cérémonie de son mariage

Her Atelier Lilac hairstyle

Fanny's return to her Flore peak : 

“I really appreciated my jewel, which I didn't feel at all and which didn't move, even though the DJ left me his headphones and the turntables at one point in the evening. 
The fact that it was modular meant that it changed shape slightly as the evening went on, but it was perfect.”
For her wedding hairstyle, Fanny chose a wavy half-tail accompanied by our Flore hair pick. The gold pick only brought out the sublime copper of Fanny's hair.

Her look was accessorized with earrings Maison Guillemette ceremony and a magnificent pair of celestial earrings APM Monaco for his civil ceremony.
le marié portant la mariée en robe de mariage bohème dans ses bras dans un champs de vignoble

The reception area

For their wedding reception, Fanny and Jérémy reflected their image and energy in their decor. With the help ofAmandine Blanchi, their wedding planner, the couple focused on a sunny decor, worthy of a PACA wedding at the Château Saint Esprit
table de mariage avec du jaune, des chaises en bois et un centre de table en feuille verte
Lieu de réception du mariage avec u tonnelle blanche et des lumières
The dominant colors of the decor are yellow and green, which blend beautifully with the wood of the chairs and the pure white of the tablecloth and napkins. Lemons are placed all over the table, reminding us of the South and its good mood. The bride and groom presented their guests with a small gift: next to each place setting, a small vial of Limoncello. A lovely touch, in keeping with the mood of the decor. Fanny and Jérémy have thought of every little detail. 
cadeau aux invités une fiole de limoncellon avec une étiquette personnalisée et un citron
tables de mariage avec des chaises en bois et une tonnelle blanche

The meal with the guests

The venue, theC Château Saint-Espritwas a perfect match for Fanny and Jérémy's wedding. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, this stunning reception venue was a perfect fit for the newly-wed couple. 

Fanny and Jérémy called on the marvellous talents of Borges Evénements, who prepared a refined wedding meal for all the couple's guests. 
les mariées entrain de fêter leur union avec une coupe de champagne
plat du mariage bohème petits fours pour l'apéritif
Fanny was already immersed in the world of weddings, thanks to her participation in the “On pose pour le rose". She organized her event like a true pro: wedding planner, hair and make-up artist, photographer and dress designer... 

This association organizes photo shoot days, with all proceeds going to a breast cancer charity. 

Fanny already had one foot in the wedding world even before her husband's proposal.

The bouquet toss

And the highlight of the show, a bouquet toss like no other. 
Our princess Fanny climbed to the top of her tower to celebrate this bouquet tradition!
la mariée entrain de se préparer pour le lancer du bouquet traditionnel
We would especially like to thank Fanny for her kindness, her caring and her sharing. <3 

Congratulations to both lovers, the road to unconditional love has just begun! 

The service providers who accompanied Fanny & and Jérémy on their wedding day

Venue : Le Château Saint-Esprit
Wedding planner : @amandine_blanchi 
Wedding MUA et coiffeur mariage : @agnes_doussot 
Wedding dress : @marynea_atelier
Catering : Borges Evenement
DJ : @dasyncro 
Floral decoration : @bloomfleuriste_event
Wedding jewerly : @maisonguillemette @apmmonaco et Atelier Lilac
Choreography @feeling.event

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