The best gift ideas for a bride-to-be

We all have that loved one, that one friend or colleague who is about to say yes and on many occasions we wonder what we could give to this bride-to-be that could be useful for her preparation or on her wedding day. We are not talking about the gift that we are going to offer to the couple on the big day, but that little something that we would like to offer to this woman in love that could please her and be useful at the same time.  

With holiday season approaching, and the rush to the stores for Christmas gifts, why not shop online to avoid the stress of the crowd? Whether your bride-to-be has just announced her engagement or is just days away from the Big Day, we've listed for you the best gift ideas for all your beloved brides-to-be.

Our selection of wedding gifts

Weddings are one of the most important events of a lifetime, and they take some planning! Whether the bride-to-be hires a wedding planner or the bride and groom work together, they will need to keep a meticulous organization. Who doesn't sometimes get lost in their shopping list? Imagine the organisation lists for a wedding! Indeed, one of the best gifts you can give a bride is a wedding planner book. A diary, many checklists, a directory, it's one of the most necessary tools for a bride-to-be in order not to forget anything and to organize everything well for her big day. Hundreds of options are online, some wedding organizers are more complete or detailed than others but here is our selection:

A wedding photoshoot

Who says engagement, who says wedding, says photoshoot. All couples want to remember these happy and important events of their lives. It is the moment for the bride-to-be to feel like a model and to pose by her lover's side. Offering a wedding photoshoot before the big day is like offering the couple a memory and an unforgettable experience together. A wedding photoshoot that can be shot in a place dear to their heart, with a breathtaking landscape or simply in the photographer's salon - the future bride and groom will take advantage of this moment to create memories together. And if the bride-to-be is the kind of person who loves the camera, do not hesitate to dedicate this gift to her and share this moment with her to pamper her !
For this gift it is more difficult for us to advise you photographers as it will depend on the region and the city where the bride and groom live. Our advice, launch the search "couple photo session" on google and add the desired city. We are sure that many options will be available. Here are some inspiration photos /sceneries:

Couple dance lessons

A great moment of the wedding day is the first dance of the newlyweds. If for the fans of Strictly come Dancing or of MJ and JLo this may seem obvious, for others the first dance is a real challenge. So why not give them a little help? A few dance lessons before the big day can really help the bride and groom channel that inner dancers for a beautiful performance on thee D-Day. In addition to preparing them to perform for their guests to kick off the evening, it will offer them a moment of relaxation and entertainment during this stressful period of wedding preparations.  
Deux couples qui s'entrainent à la danse dans une salle avec un grand miroir en fond

A personalized accessory

Who has never personalized an accessory or object with their name to stand out? We all have that little piece of jewelry, key ring, cushion, etc. with our initials! For the bride, how about giving her a gift with her name on it, to make her feel special! This could be a personalized makeup bag, an engraved necklace with a special date, a bracelet with the couple's initials, an original t-shirt, a mug or a printed candle, etc. The personalized gift or accessory for the bride will be dear to her heart. This object will always remind her of this important and significant period before her wedding.

Lacking creativity and don't know what to write? Think of the couple's initials, their wedding or engagement day, a love quote or simply the bride's first name.

The bridal robe for the hair & makeup session

What if you, her friend, offered her the kimono she will wear during the makeover session? Just between you girls, you'll be all dolled up, ready to shine, and what better way to do it than to have your friend wear such a symbolic accessory than the bridal dressing gown. It can be a longer robe or satin robe, a floral or lace kimono, depending on your tastes and those of the bride-to-be, you will find a multitude of choices of bridal robes. A little sexy, a little cute, a little bohemian, all styles are allowed for that Hair & Makeup session ;-)

A lucky charm for the bride

You've all heard of wedding tradition "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Oh you haven't? We'll help you refresh your memory with our blog post about it! It is the ideal gift that according to old traditions will bring luck to the bride-to-be. You can choose between several types of gifts that we advised you in our special article, but for a gift (for Christmas for example), the best would be to focus on a the something new or blue to give to the bride and that she will wear during the wedding. We can't advise you enough to have a look at our jewelry, , "Something Blue" filter to inspire you ;-)

Hair accessories for final preparations.

Whether it's when -she's getting ready in the morning or during make-up, bride must have her hair-up. We offer you a selection of hairclips and combs, that should make her happy before and after the most beautiful day of her life. This gift can also be offered for her bachelorette party or dress fitting day.

The bride will be able to reuse her hair accessory even after the wedding and she will think of you every time she do hairstyle with it!

A relaxing moment

We all know that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful tasks a person can have. That's why a massage session, a spa, a sauna, or even some soothing treatments, such as creams or masks, can be great gifts for a bride-to-be. Give her a moment of pure relaxation! Not only will this gift be extremely appreciated by the bride-to-be but also by those around her, if you know what we mean ;-)

Want to be a little more original? Think about workshops that can also serve as a relaxation session for the bride. For example, a floral workshop, some yoga or pilates classes or a ceramic workshop. The goal is to offer her a moment to relax and let go for a few hours.