Laure & Quentin, their Fine Art-style wedding.

Like many other couples in love, Laure and Quentin, our couple in the spotlight this autumn, have chosen the summer season to say yes to each other on July 31, 2021. 
If summer is by definition the ideal time to celebrate a wedding, they knew how to make their ceremony a reflection of the unconditional love they have for each other.
We were thrilled by the photos they sent us and wanted to share this beautiful romance with you.

Their talented photographer, Véronique Chesnel, captured all the subtle emotions and magic of the place where Laure and Quentin got married. Their theme was elegance. As a result, the Château Gassies located in Latresne near Bordeaux, was an obvious choice. It's a magnificent building in the classical style of the XIVth century, where the floral decoration selected by Laure and Quentin harmonized perfectly.

Choosing earrings

Mariée assise sur un lit portant une robe blanche et des boucles d'oreilles à fleurs dorées avec perles
For her wedding gown, Laure opted for a delicate mermaid model with wide straps and a V-neckline at the front and back. The material was embellished with an embossed motif dotted with discreet sequins..

Here again, everything was thought out with subtlety and finesse. The softness of the gown's material was finely enhanced by a sober hairstyle revealing the bride's brunette hair and our A Deux earrings. Their pearlized side perfectly emphasized the natural beauty of the charming Laure, while their golden, floral aspect perfectly complemented her softness. The adorable little zircon at the heart of the flower adds a delightfully sophisticated sparkle.

Demoiselles d'honneur en robe rose et bleu assises sur un lit qui découvrent la mariée
The light-toned bouquet of flowers added an extra romantic touch to Laure's sophisticated outfit.

The delicacy of Fine Art

The clean lines of her dress and her natural, luminous beauty perfectly complemented her choice of jewelry and accessories, which were delicate and delicate. Just like the wedding theme, Fine Art. Romantic elegance right down to the choice of flower colors, the "Fine Art" theme appealed perfectly to the bride and groom, who were looking for a sophisticated decor without being too strict. Laure and Quentin met their challenge by selecting refined pieces for the decorations, table settings and Laure's ears. The pair of À Deux earrings, featuring a gold flower illuminated by a natural freshwater pearl, is the perfect match to represent Fine Art. 
Mariés l'un contre l'autre avec un costard bleu marine et une robe blanche
Another beautiful ceremony where family and friends were able to share and feel the love of our two beautiful brides and grooms. Our congratulations and best wishes to Laure and Quentin on their wedding and their happy event, little Sienna, who is doing wonderfully well. 👧🏻

Photographer : @by_chesnel 

Place of reception :

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