Get some inspiration for your winter wedding !


Winter is a great time to have a fairytale wedding. It's the season of Christmas markets, family ice skating afternoons, mountain walks and ski slopes... Why not add a new event to this jolly season: your wedding! It's the ideal moment to reunite with your loved ones and experience unforgettable moments with the beauty of snowy landscapes and magical decorations.  

This choice is usually unexpected but stunning, and offers you the perspective of a truly unique and extraordinary event.  

Let's see together the advantages and the advices to say yes in winter !

Being classy, without catching a cold

For a winter wedding, you will have to adapt your outfit or wedding dress to the season,that's for sure. This means more fabric. Don't worry, there are countless glamorous outfits suitable for the cold season.  

First of all, you can opt for a long sleeve dress ! The sleeves bring a very glamorous side to your style.

As a second option, you can accessorize the dress of your dreamsto keep you warm with finesse: floppy hat, shawl, muffler, cape, stole and mittens will turn you into a Christmas movie princess. . 
To complement your winter wedding style, we have prepared aselection of jewelry and hair accessories that can be adapted to all outfits during that cold season :  
To warm up your feet, you can choose some nicehigh or low boots. You won't see them much if you choose a dress or long pants but they will be of great help to keep your feet at the right temperature! Being hyper trendy, they can also be your outfit star accessory. Once you arrive at the reception venue, you can change them for beautiful heels !

tenu pour le marié chemise blanche costume noir bouquet de fleurs
For Mr., it's easier, they already have the wedding suit jacket! However, we also can give him some tips. For the shirt, he can choose warmer materials like cotton, flannel, chambray or velvet. Also, the lycra t-shirt will be totally invisible under your nice shirt, gents. 

More availabilities at lower budget  

Winter weddings are rarerand this can only be an advantage for you because fewer weddings mean more availability. You will get what you want more easily, the church or the reception place of your dreams will be more accessible and 
your budget will be happy!In the wedding industry, winter is considered low season. It is therefore the perfect time to treat yourself to the same services as in high season - for almost 50% less.  
All your providers will be much more available in winter.. You will have a wider choice when searching and also more chance to organize your wedding with that famous photographer or caterer that you wanted so much, usually overbooked in summer.

With the money you save, you can treat yourself to a few pleasures like bridal accessories, on your honeymoon with your other half!

Our bridal accessories selection for winter weddings  

For your winter wedding theme, nature will speak for itself 

Country, celestial, woody... in such settings, these three themes will be ideal. Wintery landscapes are full of charm - it's the opportunity to have fun with materials! You have many decorative elements to explore : snowy pine cones, snowflakes, fir branches, aged wood, linen, bouquets of Ranunculus or Camellia. It's all about the details.. Winter allows you to focus on noble materials and colors, creating an unforgettable and warm atmosphere. 

If you are a decoration enthusiast, this is your moment DIY will be your best friend. Choose a snow white decoration, accompanied by silver or gold for shine, with a touch of royal blue and your reception place will become enchanting and heavenly.  
What would winter be without a fireplace, candles and fairy lights ?
Light emphasizes all the elements mentioned above. A small log of wood accompanied by a candle belted by a linen ribbon: everything becomes magical.  

If you are lost when it comes to your wedding theme and decoration, we are going to help you! Each wedding has its own DNA, it is the reflection of the soul of the couple. The atmosphere should represent you and nobody knows you better than you do.  

Celestial wedding

If you want to make your guests dream with a theme that will take them directly to the seventh heaven, celestial weddings are a very trendy choice, this mystical atmosphere is much appreciated. Stars are an endless source of inspiration. This theme will allow you to play with the lights: garlands of lights similar to a rain of stars, candles and candlesticks will make your place majestic. 
At dusk, organize for your guests alantern release, that each one will have lighted. Your guests will be amazed and you and your husband will both be carried away in this unique moment.
Let the magic of winter and the stars inspire you to create the most gorgeous bridal hairstyle. Accessorizing a bridal hairstyle with a star themed comb is ideal. Choose pieces adorned with zircons or crystals to add sparkle to your hairstyle.

Country wedding

If you like nature and you are wood lovers, this theme is for you! Indeed, the Country style is simply the representation of a forest in the middle of winter!  
Warm colors are combined with green and off-white to bring a chic touch to a wedding celebration! Pine-scented candles, coasters and log plates: anything you can find while walking in the forest will be useful! Red will be added to bring that winter touch to the end of the year celebrations, a perfect date for a sharing moment with your loved ones.

Don't forget to put on each chair a blanket of the same color as your decoration, this little attention will make your decoration even warmer and will delight your most cold-sensitive guests.

Rely on the gourmet pleasure that winter offers us

This season is the opportunity to offer good culinary pleasures without feeling guilty. The meal is an important moment of your reception, and in winter, it will be necessary to warm up your guests' stomachs. Your caterer's mission will be to achieve a perfect combo between warm and hearty winter meal and the sophistication expected by the guests during a wedding.  

How about a little guide for your caterer ?
  • The reception is meant to make your guests' mouths water! You can offer them hot food from the start, puff pastries are always very appreciated. But if you want to be original, why not offer them a soup bar? This trend comes from the United States and it is a great alternative in winter for comforting receptions.

  • As a starter, prioritize seasonal products, always hot of course ;) It's time to play with the season and to arouse their taste buds. You can start with semi-cooked foie gras or warm oysters which will always be appreciated. At the workshop, we have a soft spot for pan-fried scallops with saffron sabayons, which is a very good starter for a guaranteed approval.
  • In winter, you want to go for a sauce dish for your main course. Meat or fish, with a refined side dish and bingo! Your caterer will help you find the perfect harmony between meet and sauce with seasonal products.
  • To best conclude the savory part of the meal, who says winter sayscheese ! Don't hesitate to offer this option to your guests, many of them are still hungry without their little piece of cheese - oh la la the Frenchs... The ideal option would be to bring them a multiple choice with a small buffet or a cheese bar.   
  • To end your wedding dinner with, a spectacular wedding cake to match ! Foodies can choose real seasonal fruits: apples, pears, figs, oranges or clementines are ideal for a healthy and delicious wedding dessert. Winter brides and grooms can opt for an immaculate white wedding cake reminiscent of snow and falling snowflakes or a bright turquoise blue symbolizing ice or evoking the world of cold with two snowmen embracing!
Themed bars are also very trendy in winter, we love the concept. Some couples choose to set up a candy bar, cocktail bar, chocolate bar with its fountain of chocolate, marshmallow and seasonal fruits but also hot chocolate, coffee or tea bars. You can make recipes of hot drinks, put at the disposal of your guests, they will feel like real baristas. This allows you to offer them a participative activity and thus to leave with their favorite hot drink to warm up.
Inter is the magical season to create your authentic wedding. Go for it, don't be afraid. It is true that choosing this season to seal your union seems unrealistic, but you are sure going to smash it! The key to a successful winter wedding is organization: take into account the winter codes, the low temperatures and make it an asset for the most beautiful day of your life.

Are you ready for a magical winter wedding?  

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