Our new Lilac bride: Marion and Axel's wedding

deux mariés assis sur un banc en pierre en tenue de mariage
Welcome to Marion and Axel's wedding

Our Lilac bride of the month for July, Marion, has said yes for life to her true love Axel. 

The couple

They met in 2020. With the knowledge of mutual friends, the two lovers took their time. After 6 months of waiting, passion and seduction, they confessed their love to each other, and their feelings only grew stronger with each passing day.  

For the record, the newlyweds are both students. Axel is a nurse specializing in anesthesia, and Marion is a medical intern. At the same time, Axel has started growing lavender!  
Their union took shape at Mas de Pradines in Montoulieu, in a sublime château with sumptuous arches! Since the 14th century, the estate has hosted all kinds of events. Marion and Axel's family and friends have arranged to meet on July 1, 2023 to celebrate their love.

Our dear Marion

Dressed in a sublime white dress worthy of a true minimalist look, Marion opted for your  Raffinée back necklace. A match made in heaven.  

The simplicity and brilliance of our creation made her gorgeous dress even more beautiful.
mariée de dos portant une robe avec un décolleté de dos et un collier de dos pour mariage
Marion tells us about her experience in Raffinée.  

Since she hardly ever wears a necklace, Marion hesitated before adding jewelry to her bridal look. Her question was : how could I dress up my décolleté from the back while remaining discreet in the front ?  
les mariés en train de boire une coupe de champagne à leur mariage
Marion left us a few words that could guide more than one of us!
Before finding a back necklace that I liked, it was quite a journey! And then I stumbled upon yours – it was quite understated, elegantly designed, and I absolutely loved it! When I received it, I instantly knew it was the right one, and I truly adored it! It paired perfectly with the rest of my outfit, and people said the same thing: beautiful, understated, elegant, perfect! Today, I can also add sturdy because I danced the night away with it! :)

The decoration

Get ready for Marion's magnificent decoration, all lovingly handcrafted , of course! From the guest book (you won't find anything more unique) to the bride's gazette, Marion made her wedding truly one-of-a-kind through her creativity and dedication to making the most beautiful day of her life reflect her personality.

A small last-minute hiccup: rain... Marion and Axel found themselves facing thearch-nemesis of all weddings on the very morning of the ceremony. Marion quickly rose to the occasion and enlisted a decorator to adapt her decorations to the situation. Marion's talents, along with those of  Tatjana S. Baralic , resulted in a sublime harmony.
For floral arrangements, Marion called upon her uncle, a florist in our pink city! For our Toulouse residents, don't hesitate any longer and take a look at the exquisite work of  @lefleuriste31300 !
table de mariage pour les invités avec des fleurs et un centre de table
The theme of the decoration revolved around lavender. Axel, our young groom, began his lavender field production in 2020, alongside his studies. 
It spans approximately 17 hectares, and he primarily sells most of his harvest as organic essential oil to pharmaceutical industries. However, recently, both of them have embarked on their own production and sale of organic essential oil. This is the time to support and applaud their efforts, and we highly recommend checking out their Instagram account:: @t.a.l.l.e.y_huile_essentielle
cornets de lavande dans du papier kraft et des notes de musiques
Let's get right into it, Marion's handmade decoration!  
Starting with the menu, which Marion designed and printed herself. The day before, she even added fresh lavender flowers sealed with wax.
menu de mariage fait main avec un brin de lavande
table de mariage pour les invités avec les couverts et les fleurs
For the arrival of the guests, Marion nestled a beautiful vintage mirror and adorned it with stickers she printed at home. At the base of this mirror, the newlyweds placed the magazine-style wedding gazetteand a basket of fresh flowers from their own garden.
panier en osier avec la gazelle de mariage
For the guest gifts, Marion chose handmade creations as well! These include small bottles of essential oil,, macramé-style keychains, fans, and eventissue.
The highlight of the show: the guestbook. Marion crafted a stand with a guestbook consisting of a postcard carousel adorned with printed photos from their travels. Each guest could leave a small message on the back of the postcard and insert it into the transparent glass urn adorned with adorable origami flowers. Marion also had an origami flower bouquet, a vintage mirror, and an ink stamp ready.  
stand pour le livre d'or du mariage avec des cartes postales et des fleurs en origami
Marion even thought of the Town Hall exit; all the guests had small cones of dried lavender to toss at the end of the ceremony. <3
les mariés à la sortie de la mairie avec tous leurs invités
We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the two lovebirds on their magnificent wedding! We would also like to express our warm thanks to our Lilac bride, Marion, who wore our elegant Back Necklace so beautifully. She is not only a stunning bride but also showed incredible kindness and dedication to our workshop. <3 

The path of unconditional love is just beginning ! 
Les prestataires :

- Lieu de réception : Mas de Pradines à Montoulieu 
- Maquillage et coiffeuse : @julielescoquettes
- Fleuriste : @lefleuriste31300
- Décoratrice : @tsb.lapetitedecoratrice 

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