The story of the bride: A journey through time

To help you choose your wedding attire, Team Lilac has put together a history of wedding looks from Middle Ages to the present day! 

Marriage, a symbol of love and union between two people, is a ceremony that has been celebrated for thousands of years across different cultures and civilizations. Over time, brides have evolved, reflecting both the trends of each era and cultural traditions.

Join us on a journey through time, discovering the magnificent wedding dresses, accessories and jewelry that have shaped history.

Inspiration from the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, wedding dresses were often brightly colored,like red or blue, symbolizing joy and prosperity. Precious fabrics and embroidery adorned the fabrics, but these were reserved for wealthy, noble families.

Bridal crowns

Bridal wreaths were a must-have accessory for aristocratic weddings in the Middle Ages. 

Made from materials such as flowers, foliage, pearls and ribbons. These crowns were worn by brides to symbolize their purity and status as queen of the day. They were often magnificently adorned, helping to create a majestic look for the bride.

mariée en blanc portant des gants de dentelle avec un noeud papillon blanc

Bridal Gloves

Wearing gloves at the wedding was a sign of distinction and refinement. 

Bridal gloves were mostly made of white lace to symbolize the bride's purity. These accessories added a touch of grace to the bride's hands on her special day
 helped create a majestic look for the bride.

Renaissance inspiration

During the Renaissance, bridal gown fashion evolved towards more elaborate, voluminous silhouettes. It was a period of artistic and cultural renewal in Europe, which also left an indelible mark on the marriages of the time.

Brides chose sumptuous fabrics such as velvet and silk, embellished with lace and embroidery. Corset dresses cinched the waist and emphasized the bust, creating an hourglass silhouette.

Bridal Bags and Purses

Bridal purses and bags were practical and aesthetic accessories. Made of rich fabrics, like silk and often embroidered with gold thread. They were used to carry small objects or wedding gifts.

These bridal bags were often precious gifts, handed down from generation to generation.
L'atelier Lilac offers 3 bridal bags that are perfect for your most elaborate looks: Sac Freesia, adorned with fine pearl lace and its beautiful light blue interior brings charm and that "something blue". Available with classic or beaded opening. And for your more bohemian outfits, the Sac Laurier ! This pretty bridal bag with its bohemian, retro-chic or vintage charm is crafted from floral lace with delicate, romantic leaves.


Renaissance earrings were exquisite and varied. Women wore creoles richly adorned with precious stones, drop-shaped earrings or motifs inspired by nature, such as flowers. 

These jewels enhanced the grace and elegance of brides of the time.

19th century inspiration

The 19th century marked the iconic white wedding dress as we know it today. 

In 1840, Queen Victoria of England married Prince Albert in a white satin wedding gown adorned with lace, setting the trend for white dresses in Western weddings. The color symbolized both purity and wealth.

Bridal sets

Nineteenth-century bridal jewellery was elegant and sophisticated. Brides often opted for matching sets of necklace, earrings and bracelet, creating a perfect visual harmony.. 

These ornaments were often made with pearls and diamonds, and were beautifully adorned with floral motifs.
3 of our jewelry sets seem ideal for an inspiration of this theme: 
Favorite Set, made with natural white pearls and gold floral ornaments.
Livia Set, all dressed in pearls and mother-of-pearl flowers.
Poétique Set, inspired by Victorian style, this set includes a back necklace, earrings and a sumptuous bracelet to accessorize your bridal look.

Tiaras and Crowns

Tiaras and tiaras were very popular wedding accessories in the Victorian era.. Brides wore these sumptuous ornaments on their heads, adding a regal touch to their attire. 

Tiaras were often made of silver or gold, and encrusted with precious stones, creating a glittering, majestic effect.

Our crowns ImpératriceCamélia et Britt, Floral and Elegant styles are unique hair accessories to suit modern wedding attire for the times.. 

The Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquets were composed of fresh, fragrant flowers, creating a beautiful bouquet that reflected the bride's personality and preferences. 

Bouquets were often embellished with ribbons, lace or pearls, adding a touch of romance and sophistication.
bouquet de fleurs rose pour un mariage avec un ruban rose pale

20th century inspiration

Throughout the 20th century, wedding dresses continued to evolve in line with fashion trends.The 1920s were marked by short, beaded flapper dresses.The 1950s, dresses with puffed skirts and marked waists were in fashion, while the 1970s brought casual bohemian dresses.

 Fashion designers such as Christian Dior and Vera Wang have also left their mark on the world of wedding dresses, creating iconic pieces for their time.

Bridal Veils

Veils were an emblematic wedding accessory throughout the 20th century. 

From short veil and playful from the '20s to sumptuous cathedral veil 1980s, the sails were adapted to suit the tastes and styles of each era.

mariés se tenant la main avec leurs alliances de mariage

Wedding rings

Wedding rings have retained their symbolic importance. While gold and silver rings were classic choices, the air of the 1900s brought new trends. 

The use of alternative precious metals, coloured diamonds or birthstones to personalize wedding bands.

Necklaces and pendants

At the beginning of the 20th century, pearl necklaces and pendants were very popular, reflecting the style of the time. 

In the 1920s,brides often opted for short pearl necklaces or pearl sautoirs to complement their flapper-style outfits. In the decades that followed, necklaces and pendants evolved in line with fashion trends, from the delicate designs of the 1950sto the bold, modern pieces of the 1980s.

Our necklaes Gardénia et Perola are the perfect allies for a Roaring Twenties bridal look!


From the beginningof the 2000s, Wedding dresses are an expression of style and personality. Brides have a multitude of options ranging from traditional styles to bold modern creations, or even for a bohemian wedding dress.
The perfect wedding dress is carefully selected for rreflect the inner beauty of each bride and make this special day even more memorable.

Lhe jewelry and bridal accessories of the 21st century reflect the evolving values and trends of our modern age. Brides have the freedom to choose pieces that match their personal style.

Ethical and sustainable accessories

In the 21st century, brides are more and more sensitive to theenvironmental impact of their choices. They opt for ethical and sustainable accessories, such as jewelry made from recycled materials, vintage pieces or handmade creations by local artisans. Our garter Malva, is the original wedding accessory that will complete your wedding look to perfection.

Respect for the environment and ethics play an essential role in the choice of bridal jewelry and accessories.

Our Malva garter, made and sewn by hand, is the perfect wedding accessory. 
Every bridal outfit evolves with the times, but the inspirational looks remain indelible over time! 

You're sure to find the essential inspiration to unearth your own style, with creations that reflect your personality, both refined and daring.

To help you, we have created search filters in all our categories so that you can choose the theme of your choice. <3

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