Prepare and organize your wedding: our month-by-month planning of wedding

Your other half ask for your hand in marriage ? Congratulation ! 

Vous avez des sueurs froides en pensant à l’organisation de votre mariage ? Pas de panique ! Are you freaking out thinking about wedding planning? Don't panic! Our wedding checklist detailed will help you see things more clearly...

You can download your wedding planning checklist printable at the bottom of this article.

Head straight to your preparation month.

12 months before the D-Day

Tell your parents about your wedding

The first step in your wedding planning is announcing the wedding to your parents and close family! It's one of the most emotional moments of your wedding preparations, and the event everyone has been waiting for since you were born…

Now's the time to come up with an original idea for the announcement: make them guess with a rebus, offer them a personalized bottle or T-shirt, or the traditional request for the hand of the daughter to the father of the bride-to-be...

Once you've take the first step, you go ahead and start the preparation for your wedding !

Drawing up an initial list of wedding guests

First of all, you need a rough list of your guests. This will enable you to define your wedding budget and give an estimated number of guests to the service providers you will contact.

Thinking about a tentative date for the big day

Having an idea of the desired date to celebrate the big day is essential. It is from this date that all quotations and availability checks can be done.

Planning wedding budget

Now that you have your wedding guest list, you can define your wedding budget.. Here is a non-exhaustive list of wedding expenses:  

  • Venue rental 
  • Catering
  • Wedding Cake 
  • Wedding dress, wedding hair accessories and jewelry
  • Wedding suit
  • Wedding decorations
  • Wedding flowers (decoration, bridal bouquet)
  • Wedding DJ and entertainment
  • Wedding photographer
  • Make-up artist and hairdresser
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding stationery (invitations, menu, save the date...)
Knowing all these costs, as well as your personal savings, you can discuss together about the budget you wish to allocate to your wedding.

If you need help, there are online wedding budget simulations that will help you get an idea of prices.

Contact town halls and religious organizations

One of the first steps in planning your wedding is to contact the town halls and/or religious organizations where you'd like to get married, because the sooner, the better.  

It's up to you to decide whether you'd like to have a non-denominational ceremony, a religious ceremony or both. Do you want to have them on the same day? A week apart? Or at two completely different times? At your home town hall, your new home town hall or your parents' town hall? In spring, summer, autumn or winter? These are just some of the questions you'll need to ask yourself when you are planning your wedding.

Once you've booked, you've got your wedding date!

Making the choice to continue on your own or to hire a Wedding Planner.

wedding planner pour un mariage bohème et champetre avec une veste en jean et à perles
Amandine Blanchi
Your wedding is an exceptional moment in a couple's life, and on this particular day, you will remember it for the rest of your life. 
If you feel that the pressure is too much, that you have fallen behind on your checklist, and that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel... Don't hesitate to seek external help. The dream can quickly turn into a nightmare, so don't doubt yourself and turn to professionals specialized in the world of weddings.

Planning a wedding is a real journey in life, and if you have to organize it yourselves, it will require a lot of courage and patience. The most challenging part will be making many decisions without making mistakes... handling everything yourselves and ensuring that all elements fit together perfectly. 

Choose a venue

Now that you have the date and the number of guests, you can look for yourreception venue. Remember to select a venue that's close to the wedding ceremony and easy to get to, so you don't lose your guests! Also consider the number of beds available to accommodate everyone. If the venue doesn't have any, you'll need to think about booking a hotel nearby.

A second point you need to keep in mind when choosing your reception venue isits size.If you're having a large number of guest, you'll need a lot of space. If, on the other hand, you're having a small wedding, you'll need to choose a small venue. 
Choose a wedding reception venue according toyout theme (if you have one!), or the charm of the location! If you want achoose a château for your wedding reception. If you prefer a simpler,bohemian style,look no further than vineyards and country cottages. Is water your element? Why not organize your wedding reception with your feet in the sand!

Anything's possible, so now's the time to make your wedding guests dream.

10 months before D-day

Best man and bridesmaid proposal 

At this stage of wedding planning, it's time to choose your witnesses and bridesmaids.Leur rôle est à la fois spécial et essentiel lors d'un mariage. The bride and groom usually choose them from among their closest friends or family members. They play a key role in wedding planning and organization, providing invaluable assistance with pre-wedding events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties.
Their job is to support the bride and groom throughout the process leading up to the big day. During the ceremony, they'll ensure that all the legal formalities run smoothly, but not only that: your bridesmaids will be there to hold your dress or bouquet, and help you think of the smallest detail you might forget.… our best men and bridesmaids will be your pillars on whom you can rely on, so why not make them a beautiful request?
We've created a specialBridemaid proposal Boxfor them, with lots of useful little gifts for the big day, plus a little "Would you like to be my Bridemaid ?.

Choose your wedding theme

This step is not mandatory, but for visual cohesion, it may be advisable to choose a wedding theme. In this way, all your service providers work with a common idea and the whole is harmonized to perfection.

Among the most popular themes are bohemian weddings, romantic weddings, country chic weddings, celestial weddings, thousand and one night weddings,...But it's up to you to invent and create your own unique wedding theme!

If you're a little lost, we suggest you create a Pinterest account and search for "wedding theme" you'll find inspiration for every possible theme and be able to discover the one that will make you dream the most.


We're slowly getting to the heart of the matter... Start prospecting, select several and ask for quotes. You'll then be able to make the best choice according to your budget and value for money.
Here's a list of service providers to think about :

  • The wedding caterer

  • Le Wedding Cake

  • Entertainment / DJ 

  • The wedding photographer. 
For our 2023 Collection, we were able to collaborate with Pascal Vo, a Parisian photographer with a soft, elegant and refined style, very attentive and kind. 
But also Julien Bonjour with a soft, natural style.
  • The videographer. 
Why not create a video souvenir of this very special day? It'll make a lovely film to show your children in a few years' time... 
You can call on The Guerin Films, our Parisian videographer, for artistic, emotional and glamorous videos.
For weddings in Savoie and Haute-Savoie we can advise you on Sylvain Felten, offering "emotional" wedding videos with captivating music and fluid slow motion.
  • The wedding dress
One of the most difficult choices to make is that of the bridal gown(s) :) We advise you to look for inspiration beforehand, so that you already have an idea of the styles or models you might like once you get there. The choice may not be easy to make, so we advise you to plan at least 10 months in advance.

If you like the dresses in our collections, take a look at the websites ofAtelier EmeliaAvina et Yasmin Hassaine
But also at our retailers, who will offer you exceptional dresses :Invitation Mariage for our carcassonnaise, Le boudoir for wedding dresses in New Caledonia, Inspire for our Mulhouse bride and our lovely Kaa Couture with whom we shared a magnificent shoot.
  • Wedding jewelry and accessories.
You've come to the right place: at L'Atelier we make your jewelry and accessories by hand in our small workshop in Toulouse. We offerbohemian wedding jewelry, Swarovski wedding jewelry or pearl wedding jewelry. But also wedding hair accessories with flowers or pearls. Pieces full of elegance and modernity, in every style and for every taste. Feel free to browse our store.
  • The gentleman's suit

  • The hair and make-up artist.
We had the opportunity to work with Laure Baruch, a MUA full of talent, sunny and attentive to your needs, we can only recommend her highly.
You can also turn to Eugenie Coster for elegant, romantic and sophisticated wedding hairstyles.
Or Julie Rose Poudre, for natural, modern and personalized hair and make-up.
  • Decoration and flowers. 
Among the essential service providers, the florist must not be forgotten. He's indispensable for decorating the hall, the bride's bouquet and table decorations. We have worked with Bonifacio Déco on an inspiration shoot. 
  • Stationery. 
A little detail that makes all the difference! Beautiful invitations immerse your guests in the world of your wedding from the moment they receive your letter. But don't forget the menus, save the date, etc...
Among the most beautiful providers we can recommend : Cotton BirdSave the date et Le comptoir du bonheur all three of whom make superb quality stationery. 

7 months before D-day

Draw up a definitive guest list

At D-12 months, you've drawn up a provisional guest list, so it's time to finalize and close your guest list. Your service providers will start asking you for the exact number of guests, especially the caterer, the pastry chef, or the reception venue. 

Furthermore, the seating plan is coming very soon, and you need to have the exact names of all your guests at hand. 

Send Save The Date

To help your guests organize and prepare for your wedding, we recommend sending them a Save The Date. Whether it's a visual sent by email or a physical card, they will be grateful for the early notice. 

Final selection of service providers

It is important to confirm the various partners you have previously booked to be able to complete this crucial logistical checklist for your wedding.

It is imperative to verify that the caterer has the correct number of guests and that your DJ has all the information for playing the right music (entrance of the newlyweds, first dance, etc.). They will greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the evening, and it is necessary to have clear and transparent communication with them. 
Don't forget to share your theme or photo preferences with your photographer to capture unforgettable memories.
With 7 months to go before the wedding, it's the perfect time to take stock of everything you've achieved so far, and see if you're ready to go it alone or if you'd rather be accompanied with aWedding planner

To assist you in your search, we are sharing the most delightful wedding planners with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating, either closely or from afar : 
Amandine Blanchi for the wedding of Fanny and Jérémy

Choosing the decoration for the reception venue 

For the decoration of your venue, you should consider all the areas where each stage of the wedding will take place, such as the cocktail reception, the entrance of the couple, the dance floor, etc. Think about the overall ambiance of the room, the table decor, and the exterior. 
In order to not significantly impact your wedding budget, you can find second-hand decorations at flea markets and garage sales or even often from our relatives who may have unique decorations. 
Also, consider getting in touch with your florist : they can take care of much more than just your bridal bouquet. 
The decoration will be visible in your photos and contribute to everyone's memories. It should create a 'wow' effect! 

Making your invitations and stationery

Now that you know when, where, and with whom you will celebrate the most beautiful day of your life, it's time to send and print all your stationery! The wedding invitations can now be sent to their recipients, the menu confirmed with the caterer can be printed, and all the decoration that needs to be printed can be set in motion! 

First dress, make-up, hair and costume fitting

It's time for a fitting of your outfits! When this step comes, an overflow of emotions is predictable. Seeing yourself in the attire for the big day can be the most beautiful moment of the preparations, so it's best to have some tissues on hand... 
Here are some tips for choosing your wedding dress : 

  • Don't choose your wedding dress alone. On the day of the fittings, be accompanied by close and supportive people (mother, sister, best friend...) who can provide objective and sincere judgments. However, it's better to keep the group small, with one or two people at most, to avoid getting lost in divergent opinions.
  • Take your time. he wedding dress fitting should be a moment where you can take your time! This allows you to reflect more on each dress and make a less rushed decision.
  • Get ready. You'll always feel better in your dress with a beautiful hairstyle, makeup, or suitable lingerie. 

Regarding makeup and hairstyle, it's essential to have an idea of the type of dress you'll be wearing. For example, if you have a beautiful open back, prioritize updo hairstyles to showcase your back!

And don't forget, schedule appointments with the hairstylist and makeup artist according to the timeline that aligns with your departure for the ceremony venue.

4 months before D-day

Choice of Hair Accessories and Jewelry

After selecting your dress, makeup, and hairstyle, it's time to explore the wedding hair accessories and jewelry that will complement your bridal look. 

From bohemian and floral hair accessories to romantic wedding jewelry featuring natural pearls, we are experts in providing advice on wedding accessories! Whatever your theme, hairstyle, makeup, or dress, we are here to address all your requests and alleviate any concerns you may have.

Defining the Entertainment, Music, Grand Entrance, and Opening Dance Choreography

This is one of the most important parts of your wedding, so work with someone who makes you feel comfortable, listens to your choices, and doesn't impose a particular style. It can sometimes be challenging to find up-to-date and modern entertainment. Don't hesitate to focus on the entertainment during the cocktail hour, for example, with a cocktail bar.
As for the music, choosing the songs to include in your ceremony is crucial, but don't overlook the rest of the day: the song for your grand entrance will kick off the festive part of your wedding..
The choice of song for your first dance is essential: a song that holds significance in your story or simply a song that both of you love. Consider setting up a choreography with your future spouse or bridesmaids, depending on the tone you want to set for your opening dance.

Organize civil/religious transportation to the reception venue for the bride and groom

The arrival of the newlyweds should remain ingrained in the guests' minds. . 

You have the choice of original means of transportation such as a carriage with white horses for the occasion, a limousine, a vintage but rustic car like a 2CV or a Triumph TR4.
For two-wheeler enthusiasts, the vintage motorcycle option can only be the best choice, and all your guests will remember it.
If the locations allow, you can also opt for the very romantic arrival by boat. It's unique and surprising...

Preparing the Honeymoon trip 

It's never too early to take care of our honeymoon trip. Especially if you plan to leave right after your wedding.

You can choose to organize it on your own or, if the wedding preparations are already taking up a lot of your time, use the services of a travel agency that will take care of everything for you. All you have to do is choose the destination of your dreams and decide together what you want to do during your honeymoon – something adventurous or relaxing on the beach?
Why not add your honeymoon to the wedding registry and thus fulfill your dream trip with the help of your guests? It's a delightful idea both for you and your guests to know that their financial contribution to the wedding will enable you to experience an unforgettable moment.

Second try-on

As the big day approaches, it's time for second fitting of dresses for the lady and suits for the gentleman!  
Now that the choices of make-up, hairstyle and wedding accessories and jewelry have been made, it's time to match all the elements together. It's better to realize that make-up no longer suits you, or that your hair doesn't match the shape of your dress, 4 months in advance than on the morning of your wedding day. 
mariée en train de se faire coiffer par sa coiffeuse le jour du deuxième essayage

3 months before D-day

Filing the wedding file at the town hall

The wedding file enables both spouses to provide proof of their identity, age and current marital status. Remember, marriage in France can only be celebrated between two single people.  
This file will be given to the registrar, who will prepare the hearings and draw up the marriage certificate and family record book, which will be handed over at the end of the ceremony..

There are several ways of compiling your file. There are several forms to be filled in by the bride and groom, as well as a list of documents to be provided. These can be obtained from the town hall where one of the bride and groom lives, or from the town hall where the civil union will be celebrated. What's more, in most French town halls, you can download the marriage file directly online. Don't hesitate to consult your town hall's website before making the trip!
Wedding reminder: In France, both bride and groom must be present to collect the marriage file. It won't be possible to do this by proxy, so make sure you're both free to go to the town hall. 

Choosing wedding rings

Your wedding is an opportunity to respect certain customs and traditions. After the wedding rings you've exchanged as a sign of your love and worn as a symbol of your commitment at the time of the proposal. 

Now it's time to buy your wedding rings. There are many types of wedding rings to choose from, from the most minimalist to the most striking: the solitaire, the pavé solitaire, the shouldered solitaire, the creative ring, the metal ring, etc...

Confirm the number of guests

This step may be trivial, but it's essential for good communication between you and your suppliers. All you need to do is send them a short e-mail or text message, or even a phone call, to confirm the exact number of guests.. The caterer, the reception venue and possibly the wedding planner are the service providers to target first.

Preparing wedding gift ideas for guests

Whether it's symbolic, original, inexpensive or chic, when it comes towedding gifts unique it's the thought that counts in the eyes of your guests. 
Personalized gifts are always welcome: a small flask personalized with limoncello like Fanny, for example, or small personalized gifts.

1 month before D-day

Fine-tuning with the animator

With 1 month to go before your wedding, it's important to have all the details of your reception's entertainment in place. Contact your entertainer, DJ, choreographer or other service providers in charge of your wedding entertainment to review the situation before the big day. 

Preparing the table plan

With the guest list ready, and the caterer informed of the number of guests, you're ready to begin the table plan. Your mission will be to avoid putting grandma at the young people's table, or your two childhood friends next to each other even though they haven't spoken in 10 years. 

Book your honeymoon trip

Your Honeymoon tripshould be planned just like your summer vacation - in advance and with care. Book your tickets and accommodation before your wonderful honeymoon days in Bali slip away! 

Celebrating your bachelorette party

One of the most fun parts of pre-wedding is your bachelorette party! The fun part is leaving the heavy lifting to your witnesses. You save the surprise for a day or weekend off and relaxing with your friends and loved ones just before the wedding. 

Finalizing decorations and service provider

With 1 month to go before your wedding, it's time to finalize your decorating choices with all your service providers. This leaves you plenty of room for maneuver in the event of a major problem. 

Picking up your dress and suit

The moment you've been waiting for: picking up your looks for the big day. 

Accommodation (if necessary) for guests

If you're holding your wedding at a venue far from home, or if some of your family and friends are making the trip just for you, don't forget them! Don't forget those who are coming from far away, and offer them a place to stay for the occasion.a place to stay for the occasion

7 days before D-day

Make sure you haven't forgotten anything

To make sure you haven't forgotten anything go back to your checklist or wedding planner and check one by one that everything is ready. That way, you'll be able to sort out any last little worries and sleep soundly at night.

Don't have a checklist? Don't worry, we've created one for you! Download your free wedding planning checklist pdf printable at the bottom of this article..

Picking up your wedding rings

With 7 days to go until your wedding, it's time to pick up your wedding rings from your jeweler. Tick-tock, tick-tock... The big day is approaching !

Prepare a small emergency bag

kit de survi pour un mariage avec des accessoires, gateau, mirroir, brosse à cheveux, baume à lèvres
No matter how much you think about the smallest details, you're never safe from the unexpected. You may need to touch up your make-up after crying your eyes out, or a blister may prevent you from dancing the night away...  
To cover all these eventualities, we've created a bride's survival kit ! In our kit you'll find: band-aids, a small hairbrush, tissues, a pocket mirror, a hair accessory, lip balm and a packet of cookies. All the essentials you need to enjoy your wedding to the full !


Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the big rehearsals!  

You can start by rehearsing the ceremony with your witnesses and close family, so that everyone knows what they have to do, and can avoid small mistakes on the big day. You should also rehearse your ball opening dance, so that your husband doesn't step on your dress or you don't get the steps wrong!

Make yourself beautiful  

With 7 days left to prepare for your wedding, it's time to think about yourself. Book an appointment at the beauty salon for a waxing or a nail makeover. Perfect down to the nails.

Don't test new products

This is not the time to try out new products, because you don't want to end up with a rash or a nasty allergy just a few days before the wedding... So stick toyour beauty routine and don't splurge !

Enjoying your other half before the wedding: a few days together to de-stress, switch off the phone and relax.

One last and most important point: enjoy and relax with your other half. . You've spent months preparing for your wedding, and now it's time to let go. Why not set aside a few days just for the two of you, turn off the phone and enjoy these last moments before the big day.

The day before D-day

Eat properly the day before

This is not the time to get food poisoning... So avoid fish, seafood and anything that smells like garlic, cheese or onions... Fill up on vitamins and don't go to bed hungry !

Relax and unwind !

Brides, we know that the day before the wedding is stressful, so take some time for yourself and relax! Everything will go smoothly.

Sleep well and go to bed early

It's important to get a good night's sleep so that you're ready for the next day. Go to bed early, put on the earplugs and night mask and see you tomorrow...
Now it's time to enjoy your husband and loved ones! All this organization has a price, which is your time and energy, so make the most of this wonderful day <3

Don't hesitate to give us feedback on our planning! We'd love to hear that we've helped you organize your big day.  

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