Paris, the perfect city for your pre wedding shoot photos

It is with great joy and pride that we unveiled our new 2023 collection of wedding jewelry and accessories a couple of months ago. Featuring earrings, necklaces, back necklaces, bracelets, wedding clutch bags and hair accessories boho...   
As you may know, we were delighted to be able to carry out this year'scollection photo shoot in the romantic city of Paris.. Behind a professional photo shoot in our capital city lie many organizational secrets... In this article, we tell you all about our preparations, from selecting the venue to the day of the shoot. We'll also share our tips for a perfect pre wedding shoot in Paris.
Mariée au pied des arches de la place du Louvre à Paris
Mariée en longue robe blanc en dentelle avec décolleté de dos sous les arches de la place du Louvre à Paris

Paris, an exceptional setting for a wedding-inspired photo shoot

Paris, the city of love, unfolds its romantic decor with grace and elegance. Its cobbled streets, picturesque cafés and majestic monuments create an enchanting backdrop for love stories. Tree-lined boulevards offer hand-in-hand strolls, bathed in soft sunlight filtering through the branches.
The Seine, eternal companion of lovers, winds its way through the city, offering breathtaking panoramas. The quays of the River Seine become the ideal setting for romantic strolls, where couples kiss as they watch the bateaux-mouches glide along the calm waters beneath the illuminated bridges. The rooftops of Paris, witness to past love stories, offer breathtaking views of the city. Parisian cafés, with their wrought-iron chairs and marble tables, are romantic havens where couples linger over a glass of wine. Laughter and soft murmurs escape from the terraces, while passers-by file past, giving life to the lively scene of Parisian life.  
Paris's romantic setting is an invitation to love, tenderness and passion. Every corner of the city offers a unique, intimate atmosphere that sets hearts aflame and nourishes eternal memories. It's a symphony of beauty, elegance and romance that makes Paris a favorite destination for lovers the world over. So what better city to bring a collection of bridal jewelry to life?
Choosing between the most beautiful wedding photo shoot locations in Paris, the majestic monuments, bridges, squares, streets, palaces, cafés, restaurants or even alleyways to set the scene for our shoot wasn't easy in a city offering so many choices. After making a list of the most inspiring and romantic places in Paris, we chose to settle our accessories and photo shoot equipment in the heart of the city, in the historic 1st arrondissement.  
toits de Paris avec vue sur la tour effet
Café parisien dans l'angle d'une rue appelé

The most beautiful wedding photo shoot locations in Paris

The Louvre, a palace of art and history

The Louvre, guardian of past centuries, exudes power and influence, rising like a beacon illuminating the artistic and cultural grandeur of France. The palace's majestic arcades, stretching along the Rue Rivoli, these romantic structures with their breathtaking architecture, have given life to ourhairstyling accessories with their floral, romantic charm. Lightweight hairstyles with loose, wavy hair were selected to wear our hair combs, hair picks and jewelry with distressed gold floral motifs that perfectly harmonize with this romantic, delicate and luxurious setting. A tulle gown embroidered with pearls and sequins, with a sweetheart neckline and wide back, was the perfect choice to accompany this enchanting first setting.  
Palais du Louvre à Paris en arrière plan avec verrière en verre du musée au premier plan
Mariée sous les arches de la place du Louvre en longue robe blanche à dentelle

The old "Palais Royal" square, with its magnificent architecture

The famous old Palais Royal square, the Napoléon courtyard, was the setting for the wedding shoot for our second bridal outfit in the 2023 collection. This splendid courtyard, with its breathtaking facades such as the Pavillon Colbert, provided an unrivaled harmonious backdrop for a selection of elegant, modern and refined wedding jewelry and accessories.. The intention of this second part was to recreate a timeless bridal look, modern yet delicate and feminine at the same time. A sublime gown adorned with a deep back décolleté accompanied by sketchy French lace was the perfect choice for this second bridal outfit. For the hairstyle, we opted for a romantic messy chignon. Chignon pin and hair combs adorned with natural cultured pearls, such as Gui and Cocquelicot, enhance the beauty of this gorgeous chignon worthy of a contemporary bride. . 
Pavillon Colbert à Paris
Mariée de dos avec une robe à grand décolleté de dos en dentelle française, collier de dos et vigne à cheveux

The Pont Alexandre III, the most romantic spot in Paris

For the final leg of our prewedding shoot photos, we chose the Pont Alexandre III, a timeless symbol of love, elegance and romance. The glittering reflections of the lampposts and its sculptures create a magical atmosphere. On this majestic bridge, we felt alone yet in the crowd, lost in our own universe of tenderness and passion. For this part, a wedding dress with long sleeves and a U-shaped neckline on the back was the impeccable choice to recreate a romantic, elegant and classic wedding outfit.  

To help you make your choice, we've included our list of the most romantic places for a couple's photo shoot in Paris at the bottom of this article.
Pont Alexandre III à Paris au couché du soleil
Mariée en robe blanche à grand décolleté de dos sur le pont Alexandre III à Paris

Organizing a wedding photo shoot in Paris

Shooting day for our wedding jewelry and accessories collection

For several months we had been working on the design of our jewelry to bring you beautiful wedding accessories. After several months of imagination, creation, testing and design, we started organizing the collection photo shoot. Selection of dresses, venue, service providers (wedding photographer, make-up artist, hairdresser, videographer, model)... Several calls and e-mails later and finally having found the right people for this year's project, we were off to Paris, the capital of love and the perfect location for our professional photo shoot.
We were advised by our great photographer that timing was crucial for a photo shoot in the busy streets of Paris, and that we would have to start off the day at early hours to allow us to avoid as much as possible the crowds that fill the streets at first rays of light. So here we were starting the day with the hair and makeup session for our model.
Joined by our photographer and videographer, we headed to the Place du Louvre to begin the photo shoot. Unfortunately for us, Paris was shrouded in a cold March wind, making shooting conditions less pleasant for our model. Always prepare a warm blanket to cover between shots! As the day progressed, the curiosity of the tourists around us and our fairytale setting grew: curious glances, smiles, dreamers... All to our immense delight.
Second part of the shoot on the splendid Pont Alexandre III, only on this day Paris was animated by strikes and a revolutionary spirit that had brought the French into the streets and blocked public transport. But after a race against the clock to keep up with our schedule, here we were on the most romantic spot in Paris to continue our enchanting photo shoot.  
It was the end of an intense day, and we left happy and proud, with our heads full of dreams and impatience for what's to come.
We'd like to thank the entire Lilac team for their weeks of organization, as well as the wonderful shooting team, without whom we couldn't have pulled off the challenge this day presented.  
So we want to thank deeply our model Melissa Dallaf, sparkling make-up artist and wedding hairstylist Laure Baruch, refined wedding photographer Pascal Vo and his sharp eye, and brilliant videographer Gaëtan from The Guerin films
We'd also like to thank the designers of the sublime Avina dressesYasmin Hassaine and Atelier Emelia , who agreed to let us borrow their dresses to showcase our new accessories collection!
Coulisses de shooting avec modèle entrain de se faire coiffer par la créatrice
Coulisses de shooting, mannequin entrain de se faire habiller par les deux créatrices sous les arches du louvre

Our tips for a successful wedding or couples photo shoot in Paris : 

  • First of all, it's very important to have a good feeling with your photographer so that you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the lens, but also to make sure that he or she will listen to you and understand the mood you want for your photos.
  • Beforehand, prepare an inspirational board, also known as a moodboard, so that your photographer can fully grasp the type of photo you want. It will also help you prepare your poses, so that you're well prepared when it's time to shine in front of the camera...
  • Don't forget to draw up a schedule for your wedding photo shoot, so that you can take photos in all the locations you've planned and not regret running out of time.
  • Start your pre wedding shoot early in the morning, so you'll be alone in the streets of Paris and more comfortable posing for the photographer...
  • Take a spare pair of shoes with you as you move between locations. Your feet will thank you for not having walked all over the paved streets of Paris in high heels!
  • Don't forget to bring some accessories to help with the staging : flowers, sunglasses, hats, an umbrella, etc.
  • Check the weather forecast and have a plan B in case of bad weather. Find a sheltered spot like the arches of the Place du Louvre, provide indoor photos or have a very romantic shoot in the rain with an umbrella for two.
  • Last but not least, stay natural ! It's a moment of sharing between you and your soulmate that you'll remember for the rest of your life. So relax and be yourself.

Think about small details : wedding accessories

Every detail counts on the pictures, so think about wedding accessories and jewelry who will bring that elegant and sophisticated touch you’ve been missing.
Our’s are made from noble, elegant materials such as natural pearls, seed beads and natural quartz stones, for a minimalist, elegant style. You'll also find jewelry with a vintage, aged look for a very romantic, baroque feel. Bridal accessories that will sublimate your civil or religious wedding outfits.

Our wedding jewelry sets

Wedding jewelry sets are the ideal way to choose your wedding accessories without any risk of making a mistake! We offer jewelry sets that fit together perfectly to embellish your wedding gown. Made up of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and bohemian back necklaces, there's something for every taste and every shape of wedding dress.
mariée portant un collier de dos avec des chaines dorées et une perle, boucles d'oreilles assorties et pic à cheveux en perles
Mariée portant des boucles d'oreilles à chaine doré et une perle blanche
Looking for a jewelry set for your wedding ? ? We've created the Gui set, with its minimalist, elegant style, just for you. Made entirely from natural pearls, it will add a sophisticated touch to your wedding dress. It is composed of a bohemian back necklace or dress jewel and a pair of dangling earrings.. And for that little touch that will make all the difference, complete the set with the 9-pearl Gui hair pin.
pic à cheveux à fleur doré et boucles d'oreilles pendantes dorés
Mariée portant un collier de dos doré à fleur et grand bijoux de tête doré à fleurs
Are you after a more romantic style? The Jasmin bridal set is just what you need! Ideal for a floral, elegant and vintage wedding look. This jewelry set is made from gilded bronze flowers and beautiful Swarovski crystals. It includes a back necklace and dangling or short earrings, as you prefer. And for your bridal hair accessory? We have designed the majestic haircomb Jasmin.
Discover the rest of our bridal jewelry collection, including blue wedding jewelry, made with beautiful stones for the famous "Something blue" tradition, and other creations in natural cultured pearls, the 2023 wedding trend !

Our new lines of trendy wedding accessories for 2023

This year, we wanted to offer you something new to continue delighting and surprising you... That is why we've expanded our product range to include the pearl handbag and the traditional garter !
The bridal bag will be a fashionable part of your civil wedding or wedding guest outfit, but it's also practical because it lets you slip in all your essentials. 
In fact, if you haven't yet read our article on  all the essentials you need in your bridal bag, we invite you to take a look. We've even included a downloadable checklist so you don't forget a thing !
So this year, we are unveiling two new wedding clutch bags, each as elegant and trendy as the other : the Muguet bag and the  Porcelaine bag. Two variants of a bag made from splendid white pearls combined with satin fabric, one is square and rigid, the other more triangular and flexible. The choice is yours!
Sac en satin et en perle en forme de bourse
Sac carré rigide en perle et en satin
For the essential bridal garter for your traditional wedding, we've created ColombineAzalée and Malva. Three wedding garters in different styles, adaptable to your leg size. And for the more superstitious among you, the Azalea garter will subtly give you that little something blue you've been looking for...
Jarretière blanche avec des perles et des cristaux
jarretière à petites fleurs bleues et blanches cousues
jarretière blanches avec trois fleurs et des petites branches
So now that we have no more secrets for you, why not take a closer look at our jewelry...

Our list of the most romantic wedding photo shoot places in Paris :  

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