Muguet - Pearl wedding bag

$318.00 USD

Muguet - Romantic Wedding Bag

This pretty bohemian bridal bag is made of Shell Beads, forming a triangle, and a white fabric to carry all your essentials on your most beautiful day.

Remember to keep a small makeup kit for quick touch-ups (lipsticks, powder, blush...), a small treat to combat stress and emotion, tissues or wipes, band-aids, maybe an aspirin for those with headaches, or just your cell phone or camera!

This bag is 100% handmade with love.

Our jewelry is handmade with love in our workshop in Toulouse, in the south of France.

Fabrication time : 4 - 7 working days

Delivery delay:

2-4 business days

3-5 working days for international


*For returns, please refer to our T&Cs before ordering.

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