Saturne XS - Pearly disc hair clip

$60.00 USD

For lovers of our Saturne barrette, we present to you the XS version of this barrette. 5 discs of pure iridescence mounted on a golden rectangular bar.


This beautiful barrette consists of a large pearl disc placed in the middle and 4 other circles gradually smaller at the ends. These beautiful symmetrical and geometric shapes will bring that sophisticated and unique touch you are looking for to your hairstyles.


This beautiful mother-of-pearl hair accessory will complete all your outfits, whether for everyday wear or for a special occasion such as a wedding.


Style this accessory on the side of your loose hair, or on the back of the head to style a half ponytail, or, for a look a little more worked, adorn a romantic low bun with it.


This jewelry set consists of:


Our jewelry is handmade with love in our workshop in Toulouse, in the south of France.

Fabrication time : 4 - 7 working days

Delivery delay:

2-4 business days

3-5 working days for international


*For returns, please refer to our T&Cs before ordering.

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